A few months ago, we talked about how the SEC was officially allowing each school to decide whether they will sell alcohol or not during football games. It's something LSU fans have been doing for years outside, and some brave ones inside, the stadium. Now, they will be able to enjoy a beer or wine legally from their seats inside Tiger Stadium.

The big reason for the move to booze? Money. Over $800,000 in extra revenue was reported on average during the 2018 season at various colleges that had adopted the booze policy, and that goes right back into the school. According to the Advocate in Baton Rouge, the leader in sales last year at $1.24 million was Ohio State, which sold over $264,000 in a single game alone.

Photo Credit: Scott Halleran /Allsport/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Scott Halleran /Allsport/Getty Images

Some are concerned that this will increase alcohol-related incidents and arrests. According to the University of Texas, who have added a no-reentry policy, alcohol-related issues have decreased with this combo. Higher priced alcohol inside the stadium means fans are drinking in moderation and not being allowed to go back and forth to the parking lot, which results in fans not being able to run and chug between lulls in the game.

In typical Louisiana style, LSU has researched the proper way to pour a beer. Since cans will not be allowed, all drinks must be poured in plastic cups. LSU has worked with alcohol vendor, Aramark, to have the beverages poured consistently and the correct angle to be poured as fast as possible, but not wasting any additional product or a fan's time.

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