Not too many people my age can say that they have a 26 year career. I am one that can. I remember 1990 like it was yesterday.

The first radio gig I had was running Houston Astros baseball on an AM radio station in Sulphur. So many many things have changed since those days. I speak of life in general.

Some highlights?

1. My dad once sat in for "Teddy Bear" Broussard one Saturday afternoon. Teddy and the station owner had a heated argument about... oh, who knows LOL. It led to Teddy Bear refusing to come in and work his Cajun Music show. Well, since my father cut his own commercials for a business he owned in the day...and spoke Cajun French... The boss asked dad if he would sit in for Teddy Bear that day. The rest is history. Lol

2. I had the opportunity to work evenings, 7 to midnight, on a country station while in high school. The station was Hot Country Q101. How'd I come up with the name Kris St. James? I was running some names by Todd Stone at the time and for some reason that name stood out for me.

3. Where was I when the world stopped turning? On 9/11 Dale Mann & I were on the air when report started coming in on an accident involving a plane and one of the World Trade Center towers. I remember Rob Robin and I having a conversation about it before I had to air his weather forecast. Seconds before putting him on the air, the second plane hit. Today I am impressed how Rob could watch that and in a matter of a second or two, go right into the weather without missing a beat.

4. Every state in this beautiful country has it's own unique culture. It wasn't a culture shock after moving to Nebraska but the one thing I had to wrap my mind around was an event involving close to 200 tractors. Craig Larson introduced me to the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride and it was quite the event to be part of.

5. I've been fortunate to attend many concerts and interview many country artists, celebrities, athletes... but the one who tops the list was an interview with Garth Brooks last year. Erin Davison and I were working together at the time and when we found out that my station not only landed tickets for his World Tour Stop in Houston but we had the opportunity to interview him. Omg!

Look... I chose 5 memories. I could write 20 of them! Lol Radio is a crazy business, but it's a business that all in all has been very good to me. And lastly, it's a job that would have not been possible without the listeners throughout the years. And for that...


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