I've always been a lover, not a fighter. When it comes to food, I might swing on someone if they're trying to take more than just a taste of what I got for lunch. Apparently, at the KFC, either the disagreement was about a new menu item or something totally different.

It went down a few days ago at the KFC in Suphur on Ruth Street. Now, there is no context as to what caused the fight, but I can assure you the Sulphur PD showed up and it appeared no one was seriously injured as the fight slowed down. I'll warn you, there is a bit of colorful language in the video not fit for work or little ears.

The video was shot from across the street in another parking lot as the fight progressed. It does appear that a KFC employee got involved in trying to contain the issue, but I am just assuming that is the lady in the red shirt toward the middle of the video. Let's just assume the fight broke out because someone got the last of the bowl meals that KFC has and leave it at that.

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