The world of song writing is not an easy one. You write and write, hoping that just one song will get picked up, bought, and then go on to be a hit. You then hope for that special one that will last for generations even after the artist has passed on. I couldn't be a songwriter, and that's a fact. I couldn't sit and write my heart and soul into a song that could never see the light of day. It has to be a nerve-racking business.

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Still, we have writers out there who do it day after day, hoping they can just get one on the air or in the hands of an artist. Sometimes, those artists will pick up a song, try it out, and realize they just don't like it. Others will think it just won't ever be a hit. This is a list about just that. Artists who had a hit song in their hands but decided to pass on it for various reasons. Could you imagine Johnny Cash singing Take Me Home, Country Roads? He passed on it, and it became John Denver's biggest hit.

Famous Songs Passed On By Artists but Still Became a Hit

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