It turns out that the Salvation Army gets around 40% of its annual donations from the red buckets they set up outside grocery stores during the holidays.  So all the bell-ringing can be annoying at times, but it's truly worth it.

And they just got a humongous donation last week!  It happened in Portland, OR on Wednesday.

Volunteers checked a red bucket they had in front of a shopping center and noticed a $100 bill on top.  They were excited about the donation because most donations are $1 bills.  However, that wasn't the only $100 bill, he had friends...lot's of them.

Upon further inspection of the bucket, they found out there were ONE HUNDRED $100 bills in the bucket.  So 10 large in the bucket!  Someone donated $10,000!

It's the largest single donation they've ever gotten in the Portland area. The largest in the U.S. was two years ago, when someone dropped a check for $500,000 into a Salvation Army kettle in Minnesota.

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