Do you realize Hurricane Laura came through Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles over ten months ago? If you drive around the city, you still see debris everywhere and buildings that are still completely destroyed.

After Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the City of Lake Charles got to work getting debris trucks out to start removing all the damage we suffered.

Well, now we have found out FEMA is set to reimburse the city for the monies they spent getting the debris removed. FEMA is set to pay the city the sum of $46.5 million for debris removal, about 90% of the cost of removing all the debris in Lake Charles.

What is crazy is that over two million acres of debris were removed from the sides of roads inside the city. There is still work to be done, but at least FEMA is stepping up and hooking the city back up with the monies needed to take care of our area.

Now the next focus for Lake Charles is the massive drainage problem we have in the city. With the recent floods after heavy rains, it has vaulted this issue right to the top of the list for the city and Mayor Nic Hunter.

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