It's no secret how much of a fan I am of Chris Stapleton, or even Justin Timberlake for that matter. Recently, we talked about the new song the crossover duo recorded called "Say Something" on Timberlake's new "Man of the Woods" album. The video was unique in itself as being one of the first to, although a music video, be recorded live while filming., giving it an extra depth that even the recorded track on the album couldn't reproduce.

Timberlake Stapleton 2

At the Super Bowl, Timberlake had me giddy like a fat kid on free extra milk day in elementary school. I kept looking for my bearded man crush to arise from the stage and start strumming while his beard danced in the lights like a boy band debut on MTV. It didn't happen, sadly.

Timberlake Stapleton 3

Then, I run across a new video subscription I have on YouTube for Jimmy Fallon. It is no secret Fallon and Timberlake are the definition of BFFs, so I fell on the floor when I saw Fallon had the duo on his show to perform their new little diddy live on the TV. Is it better than the album cut? Yes! Is it better than the music video? I will let you decide that one.

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