This morning Lake Charles finally got the downpour we have been hearing about. Thunder, lightning, and a TON of rain fell over a short span. Your phones made that super scary noise, nixie texted us all, and KPLC went Facebook live (that's when you know it's going down).


Driving to the station this afternoon was a bit unique. I had gotten messages of people saying lower areas were flooded. It made sense, that was a LOT of water in a short amount of time. I then hit Ryan St! When Ryan Street floods, you KNOW we got a ton of water. I managed to grab a few pictures of the roads on my way to work.


When driving on flooded roads (which you should never do), always remember, you're basically a boat on wheels. You make waves as you drive, those waves then can push into people's cars or homes. It's best to stay off of flooded roads if possible. I ended up being 45 min late trying to help pull cars out of the middle of the road. Always remember, turn around, don't drown!



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