Announced over the weekend on the Lake Area Food Truck Alliance Facebook page, "The Corner" is coming to Lake Charles. Why has this idea not been put into action years ago? Who cares, it's here now!

The idea behind "The Corner" is to have a place for various food trucks to gather and for people to eat all at the same time. The concept has been around for quite some time in other major cities to keep up with the influx of food trucks in the areas. This gives the food trucks a place to set up shop and customers a place to enjoy the food there on site. According to Luke Saucier, the location of "The Corner" will be on the Southeast Corner of Kirkman and 10th street. Just down the road from St. Lous High School.

Luke Saucier
Luke Saucier

According to Saucier, the building that was there on the lot has been removed along with the slap. As they continue to work on the area, it will feature places for food trucks to park and serve. It will also feature landscaping, various lighting features, and shade to enjoy your food. It will also feature parking and a place for live music to enjoy while you try out the various food items from the trucks. How will it work?

Although he didn't go into detail, it was mentioned that he will be trying to feature various offerings of food trucks to be in the area built. I would assume that there will be a steady rotation of trucks in the area. There will only be so much room for them to be, so they will have to rotate in and out. I saw a similar concept in Austin, TX where the owner of the property has a beer garden and invites a specific amount, and various types, of trucks to come and serve on his lot. The good thing about this situation is that we will have a more centralized location to discover more trucks that SWLA has to offer or that we may have never heard of before. Hopefully, they will change out what trucks are there weekly or monthly so there is always something new to try.

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