Meet Mike Sudduth and Duke Lauw. Both are die hard fans for their teams. Duke being LSU, and Mike being Alabama. It is not uncommon to hear Mike even end a phone call with a known LSU fan with a "Roll Tide" as he's hanging up. It's also not uncommon for Duke to randomly yell out "Go Tigers" during friendly events, such as Mike's daughter's birthday party after singing her Happy Birthday. 

Sudduth LSU 2

Now, let me explain which is which. Mike is actually wearing and LSU shirt while Duke dons an Alabama shirt. The two are wearing their opposing team's shirts for charity. Both men are apart of the Seven Slot Society of SWLA Jeep club in Lake Charles. A few months ago, the club did a fundraiser to raise money for Ainsley's Angels Annual Sunset 5k Run held at the Lake Charles Civic Center. The club held a raffle and live auction during a recent meeting, and was able to raise over $3,000 to donate to the event.

Duke Bama 2

Part of that money was the purchase of the dignity of Mike Sudduth and Duke Lauw. The club, knowing how die hard they are, set a purchase price for the two to wear their opposing team's colors the entire week prior to the LSU/Alabama game. Not only wear them, but have a selfie taken with said colors each day in front of their business' logo to be posted on social media as proof they were following through. How much did it cost to make this happen? The club raised an additional $1200 dollars to buy their dignity!

Sudduth and Duke 2

They are two days into the agreement, hopes are high, and neither of the fans have developed rashes, as originally thought, from their incorrect team colors.

We didn't think they would really go for it at first. We sort of just offered the idea on the spot during the auction so they didn't have time to think about it. We figured it would have been a quick way to reach our goal, but had no idea that this single idea would take us over the top for this year's donation. We are grateful to have members like Mike and Duke with us that will make a sacrifice to help out such an amazing group like Ainsley's Angels. We are also very blessed to have members in our group that will pay to ruin other member's weeks for the sake of charity. -VP Russ Conrad Seven Slot Society SWLA

The Seven Slot Society of SWLA is keeping up with daily posts from their two member's each day as they take a selfie in front of their business on their Facebook page.

Sudduth LSU 3

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