What is Friendsmas you ask?  Most of us have friends that we have known since we were kids. With life comes distance and sometimes we can't keep up with our friends as much as we would like. Friendsmas is a clever way of getting together with your friends to play drinking games, white elephant gift exchange and eat way to much food. (It's like a high school house party and you're all chaperones)

If you have never had a Friendsmas a would like to plan one for next year here's what you need:

1) A big house- Or use someone else's.

2) Snacks- This can be anything from a charcuterie board (fancy word for meat and cheese tray) to vienna sausages and crackers. If you really want to be a good host  make something.

Hearty Eater
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3) White Elephant Gift Exchange- This can be anything from X-rated gifts, boozes, gift cards or stuff you find around your house. (i.e. bat-rees)

4) Main Dish- Around here it's usually gumbo or chili. No friends, no problem. If you feed them they will come.

5) Games- Name that Christmas tune, what do you meme, cards against humanity, any card game (I like 52 card pick up), ugly sweater contest, and more.

No matter how you want to celebrate your Friendsmas just remember food, fun and "Beer Never Broke My Heart."

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