My mother was a teacher and had a passion for the arts. Even as a baby, she noticed I had a personality as big as my hair. Everywhere we went, I was always on the stage. There was no denying I had a knack for entertaining. My mother decided to put me into a local theater group. I did everything from small productions at central school here in Lake Charles to preforming on the riverwalk in San Antonio.

Recently, I challenged myself to find a hobby. It was not long after this decision I came across a post on Facebook about an audition for Taming of the Shrew at Lake Charles Little Theatre. I had not auditioned for a play in 15+ years. I was sitting in my car at the theatre, feeling my heart beating rapidly in my throat. I might have never opened the car door if not for a good friend's encouraging words.

Well, I opened the car door, went in, and got a part. I couldn't believe it! I was cast as Grumio, the comic relief character of the play. This was a part that, if you know me, was perfect. Now, how does this tie back to the station? Working in radio, all the world is a stage. I get to have fun with thousands of people on a daily basis. It's like I tell people: where else can you entertain, play music, and still get paid? If not for my mother, I might have never pursued a career in radio, much less audition for a part.

The moral of this story is to do something that scares you because it might just change your life.

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