From a press release today by the Brooks camp, it has been announced that a live stream concert featuring Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will now be put on hold. The live stream show was scheduled for July 6, and there are two live episodes also being postponed that Brooks was doing for Inside Studio G. 

The released did say that the country couple was feeling fine at the moment, but they are isolating themselves after a member of their team could possibly have it. They mentioned in the release that they just do not want to take any chances. The entertaining giant, and better half have been busy since the beginning of the pandemic. He has worked along side his wife doing live stream concerts, and his nation wide concert featuring Brooks at over 300 drive-in movie theaters. In March of this year, Brooks first got on Facebook live, but ended up crashing the site quite a few times due to the insane amount of people tuning in to watch him perform. The couple, and their entire staff will be quarantining themselves for 14 days for everyone's safety and health the press released stated.

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