Gas prices have been on a noticeable rise throughout the state recently. In the last week, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline has risen by seven cents. AAA fuel analyst Don Redman says the rising trend has been happening all throughout the month of February.

“We are up about 12 cents from where we were at the beginning of the month. We started February at about $2.01, and today we are looking at a statewide average of about $2.13 a gallon.”

Redman says while the current prices may seem high, the average is still 20 cents cheaper than this time last year.

“We’re in good shape compared to last year, but we are entering the spring where we usually see some volatility in some of those gasoline prices.”

Redman says several contributing factors are to blame for the rise in prices, including the time of the year and supply and demand.

“OPEC and other oil-producing countries such as Russia have agreed to cut back production. I did see the President did tweet calling on OPEC to reduce those prices saying he doesn’t like the price of crude.”

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