I come to work each day really early to get ready for the morning show.  Well, back in September I walked into the studio one early morning to find a letter addressed to me and Gator 99.5.

I opened it, and started reading.  To my surprise, it was from a 6th grade student. Her name is Tabitha, and she wrote that she had been assigned a class project to write a letter to a business, and that she had chosen us.

Tabitha told us that Gator 99.5 was her favorite radio station, and that I was her favorite DJ.  She said she listens to Mike Soileau in the morning every morning.  She also said:

I will never forget the three times that Mike Soileau said my name over the radio!


Tabitha with Mike Soileau
Tabitha with Mike Soileau

So, of course, I jumped on my computer and wrote Tabitha back. Here is some of what I sent her:

Hey Tabitha Whetstine,


Mike Soileau here from Mike Soileau in the morning on Gator 99.5 FM in Lake Charles.  I am writing you back to thank you for the letter you sent me.


I am so glad that you are learning cool stuff like writing letters to people.  I am especially happy that you chose Gator 99.5 and me to send your letter to.


We are honored to be your favorite radio station, and thank you for all the cool things you said about us.  You made me smile big big!


I am so glad that I had the pleasure to meet you a couple times!  Thanks again for all the kind words, and for choosing to write me your letter.


Thank you for choosing Gator 99.5 as your country station!  You rock!


Then, I put the letter in an envelope and sent it off, along with some Gator 99.5 swag and a certificate for a free cookie cake Tabitha and her 6th grade class could enjoy.

Tabitha Received her Goodies at School
Tabitha Received her Goodies at School

Well, she received the letter yesterday. Her mother, Tara, sent us an email with her picture and told us:


My daughter loves listening to Gator in the morning because she loves listening to Mike. She has got to meet Mike a couple of times & each time it made her day.


She had a school assignment to write a business letter & she chose to write her letter to Gator & Mike.


She got her letter back today from Mike & she was just as happy as could be & this picture is my daughter Tabitha with her letter that she got back with a personalized autograph sticker from Mike.


I want to personally thank Miss Tabitha for her letter, and for making Gator 99.5 her country station. Thank you so much, but you are the ROCK STAR!

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