I recently asked some of our Gator Listeners to share how they keep things positive on a daily basis. Here is some of their appreciated feedback!

Priscilla Watson I always make the best of every single day.

Lisa Trahan Moreau I'm always positive and I do daily what you just did. Encourage others by positive Facebook posts and love for each of my family and friends. People ask how I stay so positive and my response is "I'm not always, but nobody will ever know because I won't complain."

Aimee Fleischer I try to live by this everyday. It helps when you live where your heart is (Lake Charles), when you have a great job with some AWESOME coworkers & bosses, a great husband who loves his job as well. We both make really good money, by all means we are not rich financially, but we are in our lives...& that's what matters most. I wish this for all y'all as well. Y'all have a wonderful day...everyday!!!

Doris Lynn Humplik The greatest gift we can give to each other is our time, a word or just acknowledgement. On Facebook it might be a like or a comment that could lift a spirit.