Kids, back in the day people met at events and public places. There was no swiping or super swiping when it came to meeting people. Gayle's Shot Bar on Ryan Street seems to be getting back to those roots of meeting potential mates the old-school way with their first-ever Singles Night.

Beginning at 6 pm on August 1, the bar will be the place for singles that are ready to mingle. This would mean actually single and NOT just single in your mind, that tan line on your ring finger is fairly noticeable. When you arrive as a single person, you will get a green bracelet to wear to signal that you are indeed single (ish) and ready to meet someone. The bar will also have various games throughout the night to break the ice with everyone, drink specials, and music to set the mood. The bar is 21 and up, so at least you know that's the lowest age you'll find, hopefully. They encourage you to bring some friends to help you scope out all of the potential red flags that could be in attendance. You may not find Mr or Mrs Right, but you can probably find Mr or Mrs Right Now!

Falen Conrad
Falen Conrad

Personally, I think it's a pretty neat idea and not something I have seen happen in Lake Charles possibly ever. There was no mention of price, so I am assuming it's free to attend. Gayle's Shot Bar is located at 2625 Ryan Street right next to Pappy's. Good luck if you decide to attend.

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