As we always like to do, we went searching through YouTube and found this gem! We are going to take you back to 1984 and get ready to watch the news opening from the KPLC TV new opening.

We can't believe this is from 37 years ago. In the video, you will see some of the newscasters who were in Lake Charles back in 1984 that are no longer on the air and some who are still on television here in Lake Charles.

In the opening of the video, you will see Cynthia Arceneaux who is still at KPLC. It was pretty neat to see our friend Cynthia back in 1984 and then to know we can see her on the news today here in Lake Charles.  She has served Southwest Louisiana for so many years and we can't thank her enough.

You will also see Rick Sarro in the piece who was doing the sports back in 1984. Rick is still on the air on television in Lake Charles doing a sports show with Scooter Hobbs and Kevin Guidry each week.

Townsquare Media / Rob Robin
Townsquare Media / Rob Robin

The weather was done by Rob Robin who is an icon in Southwest Louisiana. Rob has been the lake Area weather go-to man for decades. He still does a radio show in Lake Charles on the McNeese State University radio station.

Ready to go back in time?  Let's do it.  Thanks to the late  Judie Cagle Kohler, we have this video to share with you. Check this out:

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