A popular restaurant in Lake Charles is growing as they plan to expand and open a second location. The restaurant we are talking about is Golden Hooks which has a current location on Ryan Street in South Lake Charles.

The first Golden Hooks location is inside the old Church's Fried Chicken located at 3505 Ryan Street just South of the I-210 overpass in Lake Charles. The restaurant's official name is Golden Hooks Seafood, Chicken, and Po'Boys.

The restaurant offers fish and shrimp po'boys, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, shrimp, green salads, fried chicken, chicken tenders, chicken wings, and jumbo chicken wings.

Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza

Since it opened, it has gained popularity in the Southwest Louisiana area which has the owners deciding to open a second location here in Lake Charles. The second location of Golden Hooks will be located on Highway 14 or some call it Gerstner Memorial Drive.

The second location of the restaurant will be located at 250 Highway 14. It will be housed inside the old Burger King location which was open for decades at that location in Lake Charles. The restaurant will offer the same favorites as the original location on Rayn Street.

It just gives people in the Lake area who live on the other side of town another convenient location to visit instead of traveling across town. Golden Hooks made the announcement on Facebook over the weekend about its upcoming second location and even hinted that grilled seafood will be back too.

So there you go. The new location is coming soon to the Lake Charles area.

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