I have seen some strange combos of hobbies. This one, however, might be the greatest and strangest combo and idea I've ever seen. Meet Jake, angler, scuba diver, spearfisherman, surfer. He also has a YouTube Page that he posts his outings on. He recently had the idea to go fishing for some perch, while scuba diving.

skuba fish 3

Now, as a kid, Dad and I would go fishing in random ponds and at the reserve. Ham and cheese sandwiches, Oreo Cookies, and Dr. Thunder (don't judge, we blew our budget on ham and cheese loaf). We would sit for hours fishing and telling stories. I always thought that we could catch fish MUCH faster if we could just jump in and go find them.

skuba fish 4

Jake, apparently, had the same idea, and ran with it! He grabs a pole, bait, and jumps in. Instantly he is greeted by little perch swimming around. The next step? Float on over, "cast", and reel them in! All at 26 feet under water!


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