The Daily Dot has analyzed millions of searches and put together a list of the top Google searches from all 50 states for 2017.  And some will surprise you!

We'll start with "The Boot" and states near us:

LOUISIANA: Robert Guillaume (actor who passed in 2017) / Fats Domino (musician who passed in 2017) / Al Sharpton selfie

TEXAS: World Series / Hurricane Harvey / Who are the Rohingya? / bathroom bill

MISSISSIPPI: How to make slime? / Cardi B (hip-hop artist) / Get Out (2017 film) / Janet Jackson baby / Donald Trump LaVar Ball / Nelly arrested

ARKANSAS: eye damage from solar eclipse / what in tarnation meme / Glenn Campbell (country singer who passed in 2017)

ALABAMA: eclipse glasses WalMart / Della Reese (actress/singer who passed in 2017) / Roy Moore allegations / Niger soldiers killed

OKLAHOMA: Bill Paxton (actor) / Hugh Hefner (Playboy publisher) / Nia Jax selfie / Patty Jenkins (director) / Serena Williams baby pics

Did you search any of these topics?  If so let us know in the comments, and if you didn't, tell us what your major searches were about!

CLICK HERE for a list of all 50 states.

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