All eyes will be on Baton Rouge today to see what Governor Jon Bell Edwards will say about the next step in Louisiana's COVID-19 guidelines.

The Governor just announced that any Louisiana resident over the age of 16 is now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Our suggestion if you are wanting to get vaccinated is to call local pharmacies and stores offering the vaccine and get your appointment made.

As for today, Governor Edwards is expected to announce his next executive order concerning the COVID-19 protocols and weather we will move forward, stay where we are, or even fall backward again.

It seemed like Louisiana was in Phase 2 for months before the Governor moved us into Phase 3 a few weeks ago. The current executive order of Louisiana in Phase 3 is set to expire tomorrow, March 31.

Governors from all 50 states received a message from President Biden encouraging each governor to keep their state's current restrictions in place and not to move forward with going up a phase.

So with that being said, most people are expecting Governor Edwards to keep Louisiana in Phase 3 restrictions. Now remember, even though he could keep us in Phase 3, Edwards can also tighten up restrictions on certain areas like alcohol service being limited.

Currently, bars and casinos are only allowed to serve alcohol until 11:00pm. He could also lower the percentage of attendance allowed at things like sporting events, live music venues, and gatherings.

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