Governor Edwards will not be signing the bill that was passed in the Louisiana House and Senate regarding residents carry concealed guns.

Earlier this year, Louisiana lawmakers passed legislation that would allow state residents to carry a concealed gun on their person without a permit or license.

Edwards has made it clear along the way that he wouldn't give the bill the light of day if it ever hit his desk. He's said on many occasions that he believes the current process of receiving hours of training on gun handling and marksmanship are needed. Edwards also added that the course teaches residents how to properly interact with law enforcement with a concealed gun on their person when pulled over.

The bill did receive bipartisan support in the state legislature. The House voted in favor of the bill 73-28 and the Senate voted in favor with a 27-9 vote. Some state GOP members have said they will attempt to override the Governor's veto. However, they will need a two-thirds majority, and that's a long shot.

The NRA has already mobilized in Louisiana in hopes of convincing state lawmakers to vote for a special session to override the expected veto coming from Governor Edwards.

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