Adulting at it's finest, pairing your Halloween candy with the perfect wine.

I mean, what better way to celebrate Halloween like grown up then by pairing your favorite candy with a tasty glass of wine? The only downside is that by the time the trick-or-treaters show up all the candy will be gone and I'll be drunk.

Vivino's Candy and Wine Matchmaker is the ultimate guide for #Hallowine2016 -- Yes. Yes,  I did say "Hallowine", you're welcome -- has paired candies like Skittles, Candy Corn, Heath Bars, and everything in between with multiple wines so you can pair to perfection.

I personally love Snickers, so as I reach into the bucket of "party sized" Snicks I'll also be grabbing a glass of a Medium Red, Bold Red or Dessert wine. When you click on your favorite candy the guide will show you different options to help you get your Halloween on in style.

Find your perfect Hallowine pairing with the Candy and Wine Matchmaker on the Vivino website.