Happy Halloween! I have always been on a quest to find some off-the-wall country songs for various holidays. Obviously, it's not that hard to find them for most occasions, but what about Halloween?

Last year I began a quest to find Halloween centered country songs. It's not very easy, and sometimes you have to really read into them for them to be truly Halloween centered. There are a few obvious ones, but then there are just some straight up creepy ones!

5. The Band Perry - "Better Dig Two"

Ah, a love story. I do think that one of the characters in the song might have been a bit more in love with the other one. Girl marries boy, girl is very in love with boy. Love is good, obsession is mostly good, until you heard the line "If you go before I do, gonna tell the gravedigger to dig two". Ok, maybe it's a bit of a crazy love story, but she's in love. Except that she says if the ring gets a little too tight, she better be read her last rights. Sup psycho?

4. Alan Jackson - "Midnight in Montgomery"

Jackson tells a bit of a ghost story on this little diddy. It sounds eerily like The Thunder Rolls, and discusses meeting a man that disappears as fast as he appears. More specifically it is the ghost of Hank Williams. Midnight in Montgomery he's always singing there.

3. Garth Brooks - "The Thunder Rolls"

Of course it has to be in here, along with the controversial last verse. The male figure in the song is not where he is supposed to be and is headed home to his waiting wife. The wife is sitting at home hoping that the weather is the reason he is so late getting home. He gets home and she smells perfume despite the rain all over him. The radio version ends there, but we can assume what happens as the thunder rolls. If you are aware of the last verse that can be heard during his live shows, you might know the verse. The wife goes and grabs a gun, tells herself in the mirror that her husband will never do it again to her Cause tonight will be the last time, she'll wonder where he's been. 

2. Eddie Noack - "Psycho"

They were creepy back in the day too. Eddie Noack sings the story to his Mama. He proceeds to tell the stories of all of the people he has just killed in the last day or so. Confessing how he did each one, and how they need to lock him up. His ex and her new love are buried under a tree. Seems I was holding a wrench, Mama. Then my mind walked away. He found himself with his hands around someones throat by their bed even. It's 100000% creepy all the way down to the music and his haunting voice. Also, he kills Mama at the end of the song.

1. Buck Owens - "It's a Monster's Holiday" 

Ok, we got a little creep and dark on the last few, now for something on a lighter note. In 1974, Owens hit number six with this cute song naming all of the monsters in a song. Talking about Halloween being a monsters holiday. It's cute, it's catchy, and good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the day. The song talks about how he is in the various creepy places as he's being chased by all of the monsters. Buck wasn't going down quietly Good buddy you may get me, but brother let me tell ya it's gonna be after the fight. 

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