For years, I just assumed the UK/Canadian Holiday of "Boxing Day" was the Superbowl of Boxing. Well, I was a touch wrong.

There are a few variations as to when the "official" boxing day is, but the reason for it seems to be pretty consistent. The day is a way for people to pay back those in the "service industry" (postmen, milkmen, tradesmen). The "servants" would receive boxes of money, food, and items in a box to bring to their families the day after Christmas, and were given the day off. Essentially, it was a reward for doing hard work in what was usually a thankless job.

(KL) SHOEBOX03-- Full boxes are ready to be shipped to orphans and empoverished children overseas at a warehouse in Aurora as part of Operation Christmas Child. RJ Sangosti/ The Denver Post

Today, it is mostly a holiday in the UK and Canada where it's treated like a shopping day, much like our Black Friday. Banks and Government agencies are closed and those that work are considered to be working on a Holiday, and therefore get Holiday pay. It is also a giant sports day for our friends across the pond and up north where they watch soccer and hockey on their day off.

So Happy Boxing Day, I hope it's a Knock Out. Yep, I said it!

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