It's not the type of cruise you might think of when you hear a "themed cruise". The Barge Lady Cruises has announced a Harry Potter themed barge cruise. What is a barge? It's a much smaller boat that can sleep up to 10 or so people and is based on a long London tradition of boating called the "long boat". The boat will creep up and down the Thames River in London and stop at specific stops of where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.


Stops along the tour will include Picket Post Close, 4 privet Drive ,and the lake where Harry first met Buckbeak. A tour of Warner Bros. London Studios will also be a stop along the way. You have time to save your Galleons or Knuts, the cruise is August 19 and September 16. Each cruise is for 1 week.

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The price tag on this magical journey? $4,550 per person. That will include your 200 square foot suite on the Magna Carta barge, in suite bathrooms, flat screen tv, and even WiFi. Now, to ask if they serve Butter Beer.