So with all the folks in Southwest Louisiana bombarding the grocery stores to stock up on supplies things have become scarce like water and toiletries.

True story folks!  On Friday, me and my wife hit the stores because we legitimately needed groceries.  We usually go to the store twice a month and just when we needed things is when stores started getting flooded with folks.

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Friday night, my wife and I decided to go try our luck and went out to buy meat, water, and other groceries. We drink a lot of water. I mean, that is all we actually drink. We went to stores to try and get some food and, of course, the meat displays, water aisles, and a bunch of other aisles were all empty.

We decided to give it up and just go gas up the truck. We drove to a convenience store to get gas. I walked into the store to pay and took a shot in the dark and asked if they possibly had any water. The owner said no.

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However, there was a guy in the store who said, "Do you need some water?"

I said I did because I couldn't find any anywhere. He said, "I just stopped in Sulphur and bought four cases at a convenience store," and he told me he would sell me a case. I told him that would be great, and I would meet him in the parking lot after I paid for my gas.

I walked outside and, sure enough, there he was with a case of water. It was the high-dollar stuff, Dasani. He said he paid $5.99 for it, so I gave him $7 and thanked him.

I got in my truck and then realized what I had just done. I basically made a water buy in the parking lot of a convenience store. My wife and I started laughing and wondered if we'd just done something illegal.

We hadn't, but what is this coming to? Thought y'all would find this funny and a good way to take your mind off of things.

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