I have never had a sibling. I do have a best friend who would probably do this to me as I was enjoying the attention of having Happy Birthday sung to me. My retaliation would more than likely be similar!

I dug around a bit for the story and found one from Heavy.com. Meet the birthday girl, Maria Eduarda, and her very strong-lunged older sister, Maria Antonia. The family is singing and Maria Eduarda is inching forward to blow out her candles when her older sister suddenly steps in and beats her to the punch.

The three-year-old snaps and begins to grab her sister's hair and fling her around. The family separates the two as the older sister properly fixes her hair with a giant grin on her face. Her younger sister wasn't having it and takes off after her again. I don't know who that little girl gets her fighting skills from, but she's certainly not afraid of throwing hands on her birthday.

The video has been viewed over 30 millions times across TikTok and Instagram. It is now making its way onto Facebook and being made into memes.

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