A subject that grew in popularity a few years ago and keeps popping up randomly is the legalization of recreational marijuana in Louisiana. Currently, 16 states have legalized its use, but Louisiana currently has legalized it for medical use only.

The logic behind the legalization is quite a list. Of the 16 states where it has been legalized, 12 impose a tax on the product, from an annual license fee to sell it down to a license to grow it at home for personal use. The workforce is another big topic of the legalization. Stores getting into the market will need employees, with some of those employees in other states averaging $50,000 annually. Recent statewide polls, according to WDSU, are starting to show  Louisiana is more and more behind the final legalization of recreational marijuana.

The movement is being supported on both sides of the state when it comes to party representation. The tax revenue alone seems to be a huge factor in it. If legalized, Louisiana is estimated to bring in an extra $77 million on the low side of the average tax rate and sales from other states. More money, more jobs, less focus on policing for the substance. It really seems like a win for the state. Louisiana will have to wait at least another year before it has the chance to be legalized, but the paperwork is being filed on April 12 of this year.

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