Although things don’t look picture perfect for this weekend in Gator Country, we can always hope next weekend is better. There are so many great parks in Gator Country, that I can’t highlight them all in one post, so today I’m just going to mention three that have some great memories for me and my family.


I grew up in Moss Bluff and you can’t go to Moss Bluff without wanting to spend the day at Sam Houston Jones State Park.

I have spent many days out at this park, taking kids fishing, hiking the trails, and enjoying a picnic. The have a great playground for the kids, nice road (and off road trails) for riding bikes, and if you want to spend the night they have campgrounds for both RV’s and tents. They also have some really nice cabins that can be rented.

The second park I want to mention is McMurry Park in Sulphur. Why do I mention this park? This is where I took my kids to play when they were young.  It was walking distance from my house. We spent many hours playing on the playground, walking around the walking trail and playing baseball and softball on the fields.

My kids played their first basketball games in the gym there and me and my boys played lots of basketball under the pavilion. This is also where we taught our kids to ride their bikes without training wheels, and they eventually learned after many scraped knees and bandages.


The third park worth mentioning today is Millennium Park at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  It was always a special treat to bring my kids out to this park.

My kids enjoyed the park when it was first built and we were sad to hear that it burned down while we were living up in Nebraska. All the volunteers did a great job rebuilding this park so children in Gator Country can continue to enjoy it.