One of the most unique and scariest haunted houses in the State of Louisiana resides in DeRidder, Louisana in the Gothic Jail. The place is pretty freaky. They currently hold tours and during the month of October, they turn it into a haunted house attraction. Well, later in 2023, there will be some investigators that have been featured on Major TV Networks that will be coming in for two nights and you can stay the evening with them... IF YOU DARE!!

As a DeRidder native, my parents and grandparents would refer to the Gothic Jail as the "Hanging Jail." My Dad actually would tell us the story growing up about how he had gotten in trouble as a young kid and my Paw Paw took him to the Hanging Jail to try and teach him a lesson...

Gothic Jail After Dark, Facebook
Gothic Jail After Dark, Facebook

ABOUT THE JAIL: The inside of the jail is just as majestic as the outside, featuring a separate bathroom in each cell and skylights in the cells on the top floor of the building. These were amenities that were unheard of for the times. However, the jail still maintained some standard practices of the era. Hard steel bunks accommodated about a dozen inmates in each cell and a long dark tunnel connected the jail to the courthouse so there was no interaction between inmates and the public.

There are three floors in the building. The bottom floor housed the Jailer’s quarters, where he lived with his family, as well as his office and a temporary holding cell for prisoners not destined for a longer stay. The second and third floor of the building each holds four cells, all opening out onto the spiral staircase that sits in the center of the building.

Imagine being part of a thrilling quest to uncover the secrets of the paranormal world. That's what the Searchers Shane Pittman and Josh Purvis are all about. For over a decade now, they've been on a mission to explore, study, and share their findings from places others wouldn't dare set foot in—the spots with the eeriest histories, most bone-chilling firsthand accounts, and creepiest tales.

But they don't just go with the usual ghost-hunting tactics. The Searchers mix it up, using well-loved methods alongside unique scientific techniques to experience the paranormal in fresh and exciting ways.

In September, you can accompany Searchers for a thrilling paranormal investigation of the Gothic Jail in DeRidder. Gain insights into their methods and techniques while trying to make contact with any spirits that reside within the Gothic Jail.

This event will take place September 1st & 2nd and tickets are $120 each. You can purchase tickets by CLICKING HERE.

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