There are many wonderful restaurants in the lake area, and we asked our listeners if you knew of hidden gems. Check out the list and see if you know any.

  • Brown Bag Cafe- Moss Bluff
  • Round Top Burger- Westlake
  • Tasterite Jamaican- Lake Charles
  • Ju'Elles Cafe- Westlake
  • El Tucan- Dequincy
  • Fatboyz Kitchen Table- Westlake
  • Paradise Daiquiris - All Locations
  • Loggerheads- Lake Charles
  • Insane Sausages- Vinton
  • Joub's Taste of the Boot- Lake Charles
  • Jenn & Jean's Creole Café- Lake Charles Airport
  • Creole Spoon- Lake Charles
  • Pronia's Deli- Lake Charles

I can guarantee there plenty more, especially with the growth of the lake area. If you know of one, go leave a comment on our Gator 99.5 Facebook page and let us know!

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