Back when it was first built, history was made by a gentleman named Flash. The coolest name in the world, right? Pair that with the fact that Flash skateboarded down the brand new 210 bridge at the time, in shorts and no shirt! The video resurfaced in early 2014 and went SWLA viral as we all held our breath watching the footage.

Fast forward to December 22, 2019. I was woken up by a close friend of mine telling me to check out Facebook. There it was. A very familiar scene, except this was in HD and brand new. Introducing Louis McGlone. Sadly, I am not currently aware of any cool nickname that Louis has, but he did one heck of a job giving a nod to the past.

Louis, from what I can tell, is now the first person to skate down the newly remodeled 210 bridge. Before you get all upset, we are not supporting this action, nor do we encourage this to continue to happen. That being said, it's FREAKING AWESOME to see this piece of history repeat itself.

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