Hurricane Dorian is set to become a major hurricane as the day rolls on. According to NOAA, it will officially make landfall in Florida as early as Monday of next week. When it does, it has a very good chance of becoming a Category 4 before it makes its landfall debut.

Dorian 3 NOAA

The current thought is that it will make landfall somewhere between Georgia and the Florida Keys. The government of the Bahamas has issued a hurricane watch for its entire area. Dorian should make its landfall in that area sometime around Sunday.

Dorian 5 NOAA

Just a bit north of its projected landfall, Atlanta Motor Speedway has opened up its gates to the camping facilities for people that are evacuating from Florida and headed north. The camping facilities are able to handle thousands of spectators for their NASCAR races and are being offered free to those who need a place to run to.

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