Last week, I went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico with a group of friends. This was my first trip with the group. I started my trip waking up for my 7:30am flight with a text message from the airline saying my flight was canceled. Coincidentally, your Buddy Russ said before I left work on Tuesday, "I hope your flight doesn't get canceled."

Guess he's psychic.

So what had happened was...

My next available flight was at 12:30pm. We finally got on the plane and the flight crew told us that they needed ten bags to be checked for free because the plane was out of balance. No one was offering up their bags. Then they told us that if they didn't get ten bags they would start removing people from the plane to make it balanced. This was it. I had one shot to get this plane off the ground. I spoke up from the back of the plane and pleaded for people to help me get to Mexico. I even offered my bag to be checked. My heartfelt plea must have worked because people started to offer their bags. After grabbing my bag, I had only twenty minutes to get from Gate A on one side of Hobby to Gate E. I ran like I was in Home Alone to make my boarding.

I had a really great flight from Houston to Cancun and was so happy to be off the plane. By the time I got to the resort, I was ready for a drink! The rest of my trip was paradise.  Needless to say, leaving the sun and fun was hard, especially when we have 40-degree weather with rain in Lake Charles. Guess I'll just have to settle for a piña colada, my fireplace, a beach chair, and Jimmy Buffett in the background.

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