So as you read the headline you were like Oh No Mike, I hope everything is Ok and what did they steal?

Well let me set the scene for you.  Me and my wife are doing some Fall cleaning in our house.  We are running thru our house throwing out trash, old furniture and other things we don't need anymore that is just cluttering up our house.

So last night my wife Christie had thrown away a bunch of stuff and we had several bags of trash.  We also threw to the road an old couch and cushions, a Dryer that stopped working, a end table and a couple lay out chairs we had by the pool.

We took it to the road around 8pm last night.  Then about 9:30pm we took our little puppy Bandit out to use the bathroom when we noticed a truck drive down our road with a bunch of stuff in the bed.  I mean it was stacked full.  Well they drove by our house and we noticed they slowed down by our stuff.

They then turned around in one of our neighbors driveways and turned around.  They then stopped right in front of our house.  Me and Christie ran into the house like two teenagers trying to sneak up on somebody.  We went to the front bedroom and kept the light off while peeking thru the window.

Two people got out of the truck with flashlights and we watched them go over and thru the stuff we put to the road.  I told Christie I feel like we are kind of getting robbed but heck we didn't want the stuff anyway.

Mike Soileau's Old Dryer
Mike Soileau's Old Dryer

Well they rooted thru our stuff and grabbed the end table and put in the backseat of the truck.  Here is where the hilarious part of this story happens.

We felt like we were getting robbed! This is even funnier.  The folks then decided they wanted the broken dryer.

The problem was, they didn't have any room in the bed of their truck since it was chopped full of stuff.  So what did they do?  They grabbed that dryer and just threw it on top of all their other crap.  The dryer was laying on it's side in the bed on top of the stuff and it sat higher than the cab of their truck.

Then they jumped in the truck and took off.  They didn't even try and secure the dryer with rope or anything.  We laughed so hard and I said well I guess I will see our dryer in the middle of the road tomorrow morning when I go to work because I was sure it would fall out.

Soo I just wanted to share a hilarious situation we had last night.  Hope it made you laugh.

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