The past weeks have been rough on everyone. Some more than others. Our schedules have changed here at the radio station, and our sales staff is working from home. I literally haven't seen Mike nor Kassie in over a week and a half at this point. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of Jon O our engineer.

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I get to work at 2:00pm, instead of 11:00am, prep my show, write some articles on the website, hit the button, and start talking. It's the highlight of my day to be able to talk over the air to listeners. Hoping that as I am entertaining myself, you are being entertained as well. I just haven't been able to see the "bright side" of anything. I miss going over to a packed bar and seeing people, then leaving because it was too busy. Complaining because the wait to go eat at a restaurant was too long. Going to a store to realize that they are out of what I want to buy. I miss festivals and special events.

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It dawned on me after going through my list of things I miss, suddenly. The things I used to complain about are the things I miss the most! Sure I'd complain about those packed places, but I was at them. I was there seeing friends and meeting people. My complaints about never having a weekend off, are now complaining because I have the entire month of April off on weekends.

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Here is what I can sum up in some words of wisdom. Remember when we go back to the "real world" when this is over. Remember the times you didn't feel like leaving the house to go meet a friend for a beverage. Remember seeing an event that on Monday you wanted to go to, but on the day of, you decided that Netflix was more important. Remember that the group of friends you have when they make plans, but suddenly you have a headache. I personally, will never forget the feeling of missing things to do. Until then, at least all of my clothes will remained washed. That's something to do.

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