A week or so ago, I ran across a Facebook post saying that the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was coming to the Lake Charles area. Let me explain something, I might be a 35 year old, but the kid in me is barely 10. I still laugh at the fart sounds the ketchup bottles make, the weird noise the door stopper makes (you know the one with the spring), and I get excited for the Wienermobile.

After kissing mom and telling her Happy Mother's Day, the next adventure was to Market Basket. You know when you're driving to the beach, and as you take each turn, your eyes begin to look for the sand and the water? Mine were looking for that giant hot dog as I got closer. Suddenly, through the mist and rain, there it was. The wonderful wheeled wiener was sitting there. I am pretty sure I fast paced walked to it. It had music playing from under it, the door was open, and I could see the drivers under the tent.

Pinch me, I have made it. I stuck my head in the door of it to see the mustard carpet, the hot dogs on the dash, and the "meat" belts for safety. My next quest? Find the drivers. I spun around and headed for the tent. These poor 2 ladies never saw it coming. Nervously I said, "Hello Wienermobile drivers, I'm Russ, and it's taking every part of my being to not jump up and down because of the Wienermobile". Awkwardly, they smiled and laughed at me and introduced themselves. We chatted about the responsibility of the job. Apparently, you can only be on mobile duty for 12 months. Then you have to give it up and move on. There goes my hope for retiring as a driver.

Next order of business? A Wiener Whistle! Shyly I asked if was possible that, IF they had one, could I have one. They grab a bag, reach in like Santa Claus was pulling out a kayak, and out it comes. A brand new, red, glistening, wiener whistle. That was it, I laughed and giggled as I ripped it free from its packaging. Put it to my lips and blew. I've heard that a new parent's favorite sound is their child laughing, they've obviously never had a wiener whistle.

Before bidding them a wonderful wiener day, they agreed to take a picture with me and, reluctantly, let me give the wienermobile a hug.

It was an amazing day to say the least. I've heard the phrase "simple things for simple minds" before. I always try to find the bright side of things in various situations, but if you can find a piece of joy in life, not matter how big or little, grasp on to it and nurture it. You might not only take your bad day and make it better, but you also might impact someone else's day around you. As I was leaving, I could hear adults grabbing wiener whistles themselves blowing their heads off as I drove off into the sunset.