Moody Gardens Galveston Island is open year-round in beautiful Galveston, Texas. It's also the only place on earth you can go ice skating and visit the rainforest at the same time. This tourist attraction has three pyramids, a museum, aquarium, a real rainforest complete with animals, fish, birds and plants, a world-renowned golf course, convention center, lavish pools, a private beach, spa, five-star hotel and resort, and several restaurants. All of this and more is in one place, on one property.

Your family can spend days at this fabulous travel destination and never do the same thing twice. Moody Gardens is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Plus, they are constantly evolving by adding new attractions, rides, movies, and exhibits. In fact, they recently reopened the aquarium, which features more than $30 million in renovations and more penguins!

During the Christmas holiday, Moody Gardens goes all out. You'll forget you're on a gorgeous island, and get lost in the magical winter wonderland they created. November 11, 2017 through January 4, 2018, your family can explore tons of incredible ice sculptures. The 2017 Rainforest Holiday : Ice Land at Moody Gardens is a "must see" attraction!

Master ice carvers are flown-in all the way from Harbin, China to sculpt specially frozen blocks of ice into amazing creations. Every year, the theme changes, so you'll never see the same scultures twice. This year features the animals and tropical paradise that makes up the world's greatest natural treasure: the rain forest. Below is a look at several ice carvings inside the all-new 2017 Rainforest Ice Land:

Inside the all-new Ice Land attraction is Shiver's ice bar, hundreds of one-of-a-kind beautiful ice carvings, and ice slides. For ice to stay intact, it's gotta be cold right? How about nine degrees? Make sure you dress warm!

Enjoy hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights and walk through miles of beautiful displays while listening to wonderful holiday tunes, and celebrate the holiday season like never before. Below are more sights and sounds of the 2017- 2018 holiday experience taking place at the Lone Star State's famous family hotel, spa & convention center.

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