If you were born in the 1970s or 1980s, you are familiar with cassette tapes. Do you remember having a mix tape? Do you remember having a jam box with a tape player in it and sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite song to come on to hit the record button?

That is how we would make our mix tapes back in the 80s. We would make mix tapes for any genre of music. I would have a country one, a rap one, and a love song one for the ladies! LOL

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We would go as far as jumbling all of those genres together so we could have a mix of music to ride up and down Ryan Street jamming our music to impress all our friends while we waisted all our gas going from the Lake Charles Civic Center to McDonald's on Rayn just to turn around and do the same thing.

So I thought about it and asked y'all, if South Louisiana made a mix tape today, what would be on it? We asked you and most of you named some Cajun and Zydeco as your go-to's but someone listed some great old country drinking songs and songs that will turn your party up quickly.

Judging from some of the songs you picked, it looks like we are getting a party started where we will get to dancing and drinking real quick. Just looking at this list got me drunk!

Here are some of the songs you listed. 

  • Wayne Toups -- Take My Hand
  • Louisiana Kingfish -- Hurricane Cutter
  • George Jones -- He Stopped Loving Her Today
  • Keith Frank/Lil Boosie -- Haterz
  • Joel Sonnier -- Jolie Blonde
  • Anything by Kevin Gates
  • Mel McDaniel -- Louisiana Saturday Night
  • Horace Trahan -- The Butt Thing
  • LSU Band-- The LSU Fight Song
  • Cupid -- Cupid Shuffle
  • Daryl Singletary - I Let Her Lie
  • Lil Boosie -- Set It Off
  • Keith Frank -- Movin' On Up
  • Richard Lebouef -- Empty Glass
  • Boogie Kings-- Harlem Shuffle
  • Ronnie Milsap -- If You Don't Want Me Too
  • Frank Foster -- Blue Collar Boyz
  • Steve Riley -- La Danse De Mardi Gras
  • Juvenile -- Back That A## Up

Take a look and let us know what we missed, then add yours below.

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