From People Magazine's "Sexist Man Alive" to POTUS? Never underestimate the resolve and goals of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

My son Elijah and I love wrestling. We love the story lines, the amazing athleticism, and yes our favorite part is the smack talking! People think President Trump talks a lot of smack, can you image The Rock as our President. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Picture this, it's a meeting of world leaders at the table, of course The Rock at the head, and they're floating around different global issues. The Rock speaks up and asks Vladimir Putin what he thinks, I see it going something like this:

The Rock- "So Puty, what do you think about that?"

Putin- "Well..."  (The Rock quickly interjects)


Earlier this month in an interview with GQ Magazine, Johnson said he began considering starting a political career about a month ago when pundits floated the idea to him.

Asked if he might honestly give up acting to run for office, he said that it’s a real possibility.

If Johnson does become President one day, he won't be the first WWE Hall Of Famer to do so. That's right, Donald Trump beat him to that honor! Even though Dwayne Johnson is not currently in the WWE HOF,  it's only a matter of time, and who knows, maybe the Oval Office is too!

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