So my friend Emily J who does mornings here on Gator 99.5 tagged me in a post on Facebook about the 15 Words You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Louisiana.  The reason she did that is because since she is not from the area, I have been trying to teach her how to speak some Cajun french.

Emily and I emceed the Coushatta Crossroads festival in Kinder in July which features nothing but Cajun and Zydeco artist and that is where it all got started.  So when she saw the post she told me she thought about me.

Here was her post to me:

Emily post on Mike Soileau Facebook

In the list you will see words like “Couillon”, “Making Groceries”, “Make a Pass”, and “Are you gonna get down?”  She was right, I say all these things.  How many do you say?

Click the button below and see how many of these you use on a regular basis!