I'll be honest, there's really no backstory to this picture. I have personally seen some crazy stuff happen to work for 12 years in the casino industry. I am sure everyone has their stories. I can remember one time I ran across a van FULL of kids just playing with toys and having a good ole time. They weren't in any danger, the van was running and the AC was on. There were no backseats, they had full fun of the van. They had already colored on most of the windows, carpet, and doors. At first, I was alarmed that there might be something really bad happening with them, so I called security to report it as I stood there and waved and made faces at them through the window. Security ran up to the garage and the State Police were right behind. They ran the plate and found the owners of the van on the casino floor.

Luckily, the kids were indeed safe, the parents had decided they wanted to go gamble and thought it was a good idea to just leave the kids in the van for a FEW HOURS while they did. They had been on the casino floor for 5 hours by the time they got called to come to their van. I dunno what happened to them in the end, but the kids all got boxed lunches from our banquet department and apple juice!

Christopher Duplechin
Christopher Duplechin

Now, you see the crazy that happens in just the parking garage of a casino. For this one, we will just have to fill in the blanks. I have 3 theories:

Number one would be that they perhaps didn't make that payment on time to a rim and tire company. However, that doesn't seem quite feasible due to how sketchy it is sitting.

Number two makes me think perhaps all four wheels and tires needed to be removed due to the fact they had all been slashed. Perhaps we have a new Mike from Sasol situation.

Number three would be that someone was just a smidge more in debt than they thought and needed to make some fast money. So they either stole the wheels and tires, or they just pulled them off right then and there.

It really appears to be a super non-professional situation. There seem to be two jack-stands in the back and then just that single concrete pad and block under the front passenger side as it teeters off balance. No matter the reason, it is not how you want to end your weekend at the casino, that's for sure!

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