Recently going viral, but in the business for quite some time it seems, the Opossum Lady is trending in the social media world. Operating under the pseudonym as Georgette Spelvin, the Opossum lady seems to have a plethora of the nocturnal creatures and a collection of squirrels.

Her YouTube Channel stays extremely up to date with her most recent video being uploaded on January 10, 2020. Her most recent claim to fame was protesting when a city in North Carolina dropped an Opossum to ring in the new year. She was able to use her over 97,000 subscribers to send letters and emails to the city and get the practice, well, exterminated.

She also addressed her Facebook account that people were trying to add was strictly there for close friends, critters, and family. Let's be honest, this lady is a space cadet, but I can't stop watching.

Most of her videos feature the lady sitting at a table alongside an Opossum eating random food. You can hear the animal chewing and licking as she rants about random topics and mentions a dead squirrel named Pearl. According to the Pearl website, you can use Pearl for wisdom and life advice by channeling her through her human. The website links back to her YouTube videos giving advice on Opossum care.

Good luck on watching. I have been hooked for the last hour watching them. She's cheesy, but some of her advice is actually decent. Her jokes are horrible, but I still found myself constantly laughing.

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