Our state is in terrible financial shape. In order to fix that problem, it's going to require a lot more work from our elected officials. They are going to have to make some tough decisions on our behalf and the only way they can do that is by holding a legislative session.

The problem with special sessions or any session of the legislature is that when they get together to do things you and I seem to take a bigger hit in the pocket book.LaPolitics.com has suggested in some of their online reporting that rumblings of a special session are getting louder around the Governor's office.

Another special session might make the state's tough financial climate a tougher political climate for elected officials. Bernie Pinsonat a political observer seems to think that another special session might be just as hard on legislators as it could be on their constituents.

I don’t know who would come back to Baton Rouge to raise taxes. I think Louisiana citizens are very comfortable with services being reduced. That’s the amount of money we have.

The state is currently in a $300 million budget shortfall. In order to cover that shortfall, the state will either have to raise more revenue or decrease more services. Neither option is very popular with the populace.

However, of the two Pinsonat seem to suggest in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that not increasing taxes is the one that the voters would like to see happen.

John Kennedy showed us how being against more government spending propelled him into the United States Senate. How much more proof do you need about the public’s unwillingness to fund more state government.

The platform that propelled Kennedy to the U.S. Senate was supported by voters by a margin of 61% to 39%. That does seem to suggest that citizens of the state really don't want the state asking us for more money.

As of now, a special session is just a rumbling and a rumor. There will be better information as to whether a special session would be warranted after the Revenue Estimating Committee meets in January. Following that meeting the Governor and the legislators will know just how much money the state has or doesn't have. Then they can move forward in the most appropriate manner.