I ran across this little calendar event thingy on Facebook last night. I'll be the first to tell you I am not one to believe anything I see popping up on Facebook, but I saved it last night in order to further research more on it today.

The event says George Strait is scheduled to perform in Houston this March at NRG Arena in Houston. Okay, seems legit, right? Except I began to dig around and try and confirm this situation for my own sense of sanity. First off, I went to Strait's actual website. On his website, there seem to be only two show listed as of today. One is in Indiana and the other is in Minnesota. Neither of those are anywhere near Texas, obviously. I decided to go check out the actual website for NRG and see what it had to say. NRG lists a ton of Monster Jam shows, which I would be pumped to attend. However, nothing in there shows the King of Country arriving on Grave Digger during those shows. Ticketmaster came up with nothing as well, as I kept going down the rabbit hole of dead ends.

Finally, I looked back at the actual event that I found being shared by a friend on Facebook. It showed the time as starting at 8:00am and free. It also showed the previous name of the event was Ron White, but it had been changed in the last 24 hours. Finally, I read in the discussion portion of the event and found the final nail in the coffin. An actual NRG employee spoke up and confirmed the entire thing was fake. I decided to click some links, which you shouldn't do if you don't know where they will take you, and they all took me to a generic Ticketmaster page.

In summary, don't believe everything you see on Facebook, and always remember the King of Country probably wouldn't play an 8:00am show for free in Houston.

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