Rumors have been circulating around about the Lake Charles location of Hardee's being closed down.  Are they true?

The short answer is yes.  It's seems that location is a death sentence for a fast food restaurant as KFC saw the same fate a few years ago.

Is it high building rent, low customer numbers...I guess we'll never know.  But apparently, whatever situation they were dealing with was not worth keeping it open.

I sure will miss the split sausage breakfast sandwich and the mushroom and swiss burger.  Living in Gillis, I usually don't eat in Lake Charles too much, and I considered those 2 combos a treat while in town.

Well, if there is any positive note here, there's still a Hardee's in Iowa, however, with Arby's right across the street, the chances of me pulling into Hardee's to eat is very low in the future.

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