UPDATE: After speaking with a representative of Toasted Yolk, they have confirmed they are indeed coming to Lake Charles! No word on when it will happen, but they are working towards bringing it to the area. 

The ole rumor mill is churning away on this one. Over the last 24 hours, various Facebook groups have been flooded by a gentleman claiming that a Toasted Yolk is being brought to Lake Charles and that they are looking to hire managers. That seems like a red flag right off the bat. A random guy saying to "DM" him about being a manager for a restaurant that hasn't even broken ground yet.

For those of you that are not aware, the Toasted Yolk is a breakfast and lunch place that claims the best foods are the ones you can get served before three o'clock in the afternoon. Basically, they are big believers in Breakfast and Brunch. Reviews are in agreeance that the place is absolutely amazing. So is it coming to Lake Charles? The short answer is, that nothing is really known.


I jumped over to their Facebook page to see what was there, they had a giant graphic about their stores opening up in 2022. Of course, Lake Charles wasn't listed in that little tidbit. A bit discouraging, but it does mention more stores opening in 2023. Their website's location maps make no mention of anything new in Louisiana or Lake Charles. I reached out to their Facebook page and sent them a message about this little rumor, but at the time of writing this article, I have not gotten a response from them. Currently, the closest we will get to this place is either their store in Beaumont or Port Arthur. They seem to be opening a lot of their new places more West than East. Course, that could always change.

I have heard a lot of amazing things about this place, but have never been. Now that I have seen the website and the menu, I hope it does show up this way in Lake Charles. I can guarantee you however big they think it needs to be, it won't be big enough to handle the load Lake Charles will put on it when it first opens. For now, looks like it will be road trip brunches until more information pops up. Remember, Whataburger coming to the Lake Area kept being a rumor, but it finally came true.

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