Today is National Paranormal Day, and it got me thinking about the time my dad visited me two months after he passed away.

Chill bumps anyone? Well, here is what happened.  In September of 2007, me and my dad, Dave Soileau, went to lunch with his mom for her birthday. The next day, he passed away from a heart attack while driving.

About two months later, I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up. I don't know what made me wake up but It was like something in my head saying open your eyes and wake up.

I sat up in the bed and to my surprise, my dad was standing right at the foot of my bed. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was just seeing things, but nope he was still there.

He started talking to me and said, "Don't worry about me buddy. I am all right. I will be looking after you and I love you". I said I love you too, dad.

Mike and Dave Soileau Circa 1992
Mike and Dave Soileau Circa 1992

Then he gave that smile and head nod that most of us know that our parents would give us when they wanted to show their approval. I then rubbed my eyes again thinking I am hallucinating or dreaming.

But no, he was still there. He said, "I will talk to you again soon," and then he was gone. Since then, sometimes funny things happen in my house, like doors shutting on their own.  Sometimes my side door to my house, which is spring loaded, will just open up for no reason going to the outside area of the yard. Hmmm.

To this day, I still believe that it really was him coming to check on me. I know that I have an angel now looking over me. 

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